Ladies Night Holiday Edition: Pillow Talk

The Holiday Edition: Pillow Talk was EVERYTHING!!!! With more than 50 women in attendance and 7 vendors… it was a night full of nonstop laughter, unfiltered conversation and crazy FUN! From singing and dancing, to getting to know others in the room- to our actual Pillow Talk conversations- we had a blast!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket and came. Thanks for asking the tough questions and for participating in an honest and open dialogue about so many topics. Thanks for sharing perspectives and respecting those of others even when we disagreed. I thoroughly enjoyed the night from beginning to end.

For starters, the place I selected this month was perfect. It’s one of those “where is the GPS taking me” type places. You pull up to what looks like a warehouse not knowing what’s inside. Once you park you take a few yellow steps to the entrance and there’s an old school elevator. Guests take that up to level three and wahla! The hallway was filled with vendors. I strategically placed them in the hallway and put the coat rack on the far end so that attendees would have the opportunity to see them all. I waited until everyone had arrived before I welcomed them into the room where the event would take place.

I loveeeee this room! From the first time I came for another event I just knew I had to host an event here. The windows of the room have views that overlook the city, and the room has hanging lights throughout- it’s such a rustic rooftop vibe!  We had a couch placed in front of the room – which set the tone that his was going to be a laid back, sit on the couch with your gals – drinking wine, eating snacks and chatting type of night. There was a bar in the back of the room where I had a variety of wine, and then there was food catered across from the bar on a long table. It was spacious and everything we needed was in the room.

We started the evening with a super fun icebreaker to get to know all the ladies in the room. Without sharing all the details, we posed a question and then shouted a number. The ladies had to switch groups (not repeating members) and go around introducing themselves and answering the question. It was so fun, but also so telling about who we were. It was a great way to hear various perspectives and to get familiar with each other before our fireside chat started. After the icebreaker everyone was seated. We had everyone drop in something they wanted to discuss as a group and then Jazmine and I curated a few questions we wanted to talk about. Trust me if you weren’t there you miss an AMAZING open and intimate conversation with women from all shapes of life.

Here are a few things we discussed but not everything of course lol:

If you catch your friend’s significant other cheating do you tell?

How do you balance being a wife/mom

What’s your self care routine.

Do you believe in join or separate accounts while dating/married?

Should you date one person at a time or multiple?

Are husbands/boyfriends/fiancees off limits?

Thoughts on dating/marrying someone from a different religion

The topics ranged but they were all things were could all speak on! It was a room of various opinions but more importantly RESPECT! We listened and agreed to disagree when applicable. At the end of the night we were all sisterfriends lol who had a ball!

Thank you to my cohost Jazmine Marie for sharing the couch with me and helping to facilitate the conversation, thank you Chef Stacey Stoudemire for hosting us at your beautiful venue Aloft on the Lake! Thank you Chef Tiwanna Pearl Flower Catering for the amazing spread, and food Thank you Cookiefetti for the custom pillow cookies with everyone’s names Thank you Nia for your assistance.

Last but not least thank you Natasha Herbert for the amazing pictures as always!

Thank you Rickea Hampton for my hair,  KB for my makeup and Apricot Lane Pinecrest for our/ sponsored pajamas!

To see more pictures CLICK HERE!

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