Ladies Night…. was EVERYTHING! If you missed it, you truly missed OUT! You really just had to be there, but the pictures do serve as a glimpse into the fun! Sitting here trying to write this recap I’m just so full or happiness and laughter. From start to finish Ladies night was just a great time for everyone!

So first let me say, we will do this again in the Fall, I know you guys wanted every other month but… sorry it’s not feasible! We received soooo much positive feedback that it was clear, every once in awhile we all need a BREAK so I’m committed to doing this again!  I made this announcement at the event, but next time they only change will be to charge everyone $30 instead of $25 LOL. and that’s only because our wine only open bar needs to have more wine, the ladies literally drank like fish! It’s all good, that’s what happens when you’re having great conversations, dancing to great music and meeting new people!

So as always the day before the ladies received the location of the event. I picked this awesome and beautiful coworking space because it’s called the Beauty Shoppe. Immediately upon entering you are at peace! It’s refreshing colors and glass windows immediately make you think.. okay I’m ready to relax. The name alone gives you the feel of a real beauty shop, because this is where we go with no kids, no husbands, no work… just US!  A mental break from everything and a chance to focus and pamper US! Yes I thought about all of that when selecting the location 🙂 See being a planner really requires thought and creativity.

Anywho, guests walked in and had to first fill out nametags and do their first quick and easy assignment. They were then given a raffle ticket for random drawings throughout the evening. Prior to the doors opening to the event space, the ladies were able to eat, drink wine and visit our vendor tables. First, let me say I thought about having a big elaborate meal then Jazz said to me why? Ladies Night is all about easy and hassle free! So we agreed to do exactly what we do on our girls night order pizza and wings— and add a salad because we want to balance being healthy. The food was easy and everyone enjoyed!

I’ve actually never done vendor tables but I needed something to fill the time before the doors open. I also had companies requests having a table, so for a small fee I allowed 5 vendors to have products on display for the ladies in attendance. Featured was Choate Body, Perfect Pineapple Wraps, Soletique Shoes, The Shade Cafe and Fierce Fashionable Bling. They all had amazing items and the attendees were glad to support.

Once the doors opened we immediately got in RANDOM groups where no persons who came together, could end up in the same group. That was so that everyone had a chance to meet new people. It’s no fun to come and stay with the person you rode with! We started our icebreaker– which I won’t say what it was but — this is where the ladies had the chance to actually hear what everyone needed a break from. It was here, we began to find our common ground with strangers! From this point Jazz introduced the activity, which was random topics at each table. That was the group activity however, at random times there was dance breaks. That’s where the DJ randomly played a girls night song and everyone had to pretend they were in the club with friends dancing! Besides that there were interruptions for SPICY full group questions, and giveaways! We ended the night as always sharing as a full group anything the ladies wanted to talk about.

I’m vague on the recap because somethings weren’t to be shared. Not just that, but some of the activities and what’s done have to be experienced by attending. The thought is that you read this and realize boy… I missed out and won’t miss out again!


Here are just a few post- event comments from attendees:

“I loved the culture of the entire event. I loved the table mix up and the custom wine glasses”

“This event was fun and took me out of my comfort zone, everyone was welcoming and friendly”

“This event exceeded my expectations. I never expected to connect with strangers so much. It was a judge free zone and an area to be free”

“Everything was great, the dance breaks were so much fun”

“The icebreaker was a lot of fun. A lot of women I found was taking a break from the same thing. The music, the food, the wine.. it was all great”

“My only complaint is that I wish the event was longer”


The only complaint was that it was too loud! LOL which was noted but hard to control the laughter and fun 🙂

Thank you Jazmine Marie fo co-hosting with me and facilitating the conversation! If it was’t for you they might not have gotten those SPICY SPICY conversation topics that they loved! Thank you to Beauty Shoppe for hosting out event… AnnElise you were amazing! Thank you Natasha Herbert for capturing the night in pictures,  thank you DJ Nay for the music, thank you MemoriesByBEE for the custom wine glasses and thank you SubCity for donating wings and thank you Sauce the City for bringing samples.

Thank you B Hosley for the “Cool Things Only” hoody giveaway, thank you Celly for the “Rooting for Everyone From Cleveland Shirt” AK Fashions for the free one month membership, thank you Elite Bistro for the giftcard, thank you Kilediscope for the hoodies, thank you Bead Yourself for the custom necklace, and thank you Private in Public for giftcard. Everyone who won was pleasantly surprised by your donation.

To see more pictures visit the gallery of photos HERE!



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  • Kate Kap

    This looks awesome – & just so many joyful smiles. I wish I could’ve made it! I’ll definitely be there for the next one.

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