Cleveland’s Own David A Arnold, My New Favorite Comedian!

For the first time ever, my husband and I went on a date to the same place in Cleveland twice in one week! It was hands down two of the best nights we’ve had, as we laughed together literally all night long.

So here’s’ how it started. About a month ago a friend of mine invited a group of us out to support her cousin, who was coming to Cleveland to film his comedy special for Netflix. My husband and I love to laugh and make jokes, so we take this comedy thing pretty serious (LOL)! When I told him about the invitation, we were both like ahhhh never heard of him but it’s a great group of couples, so we will go have fun regardless.  The night arrives and the Cleveland Improv is literally beyond packed! It’s seriously something I never seen for any show. We were actually considering leaving because we just knew it was no way were were going to make it in. BUT… after an hour or so we made it in, and were seated with our friends! Let me just say it was most certainly worth the wait.

Turns out, while we had never heard of David A. Arnold, he was from Beachwood and had done a lot of writing for Tyler Perry. So technically we had probably seen or heard his work and just not known it was him. He was also recently nominated for an Emmy for his writing on Fuller House (yep that’s right the new Full House). Anywho, he had chosen to come back to Cleveland to film his special for Netflix and he did not disappoint. It was literally the best show ever! No really, my husband and I are silly,  so we are hard on comics, like Simon Cowell on American Idol. He was funny nonstop from the time he took the stage to the time he left. He also had Kym Whitley (shoutout to my fellow Shaker Alum) do the opening for him.

My only regret is that I didn’t post this after the taping Thursday so that everyone could check him out this weekend. I’m doing it now, so that the next time he comes to Cleveland, you know he’s a must see act. After seeing him Thursday I asked my husband if he wanted to come back for the show he was performing all weekend “He Said, She Said.” We decided to make it a SUPER duper date night, go to the Cavs game then leave go to the comedy show. We purchased tickets for a very reasonable amount and enjoyed yet another evening with David A. Arnold. It was literally a tear jerker, meaning we literally laughed until we cried all night long! We will go back to the Cleveland Improv, or anywhere he is anytime he’s in town. I’ll also watch the special on Netflix once released even though I was there!

I did a quick Q&A with David A Arnold and here’s what he had to say:

 I’m always telling people you don’t have to leave Cleveland to be successful HOWEVER I do agree depending on your industry, there may be cities more fitting. That seems like the case with you. You live in (LA?) however when it came time to film your special you picked Cleveland. Can you explain why? 

I decided to shoot by standup special in Cleveland because this is where I’m from. I believe Cleveland has a real list and uniqueness about it that I could capture the response of a real audience versus one in LA or New York which can sometimes seem jaded. Also I decided to shoot it in Cleveland because it’s my home town and we’re better to showcase your talents that in front of family and friends.

You’ve done a lot of traveling, explain how Cleveland differs in a positive way from other large cities?
The difference between Cleveland and other cities is that Cleveland has a grit behind it. It has staying power. It has four seasons and people who are genuinely decent and nice. Cleveland has history in if you take the time to look it up you can see a lot of amazing things.

What’s your first stop when you come home to Cleveland? 

My first stop when I come home to Cleveland is always my dads house and then my sisters house. Catch up with family hang out eat fellowship and recharge my emotional battery.

What are some of your favorite places to hangout or eat when in Cleveland?

When I come home so Cleveland is always Chicago deli in Solon. I eat breakfast there with my father and my sister all the time. Of course I love Corkys and Lennys as well another deli are used to Eat at with my grandparents when I was a little boy. And Take 5 on Superior for their turkey ribs. These places are a must for me

What would one piece of advice for aspiring comedians in Cleveland ?

My advice for any aspiring comedians in Cleveland is become the funniest person in the city build a name for yourself locally and then get on a plane to New York or LA to start your career. And that is when your career officially starts when you go to LA or New York when it comes to the entertainment industry. Because this business is not just about how talented you are but it’s about the relationship that you have built in those can only happen when you reside in one of these two places.

Anything else you want to add or share?

Growing up in Cleveland rounded me in a way that I would not have had a grown-up in LA or New York. Being from Cleveland has made me strong it is given me the tools that is needed to survive it a business like television film which is all about rejection. There’s nothing it I feel like I can’t accomplish because I know where I came from and I know with the people here have instilled in me. You can accomplish anything that you want in this world when you are Cleveland strong!

Be sure to follow David on Instagram @TheDavidAArnold


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  • Scott Keilin

    This guy is as talented, if not more, than any other comedian out there today!!! The way his mind works to create his jokes is truly a gift!! And I’m not saying this because he is one of my close friends…I speak the truth from my heart!
    Any one reading this….check out when he is coming to your hometown…and mark it on your calendar. He is a must see!!!!
    And stayed tuned for his upcoming Netflix special that will be airing very soon…and get ready to laugh your butt off!!!

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