MLK Jr. Day at the Children’s Museum of Cleveland

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I decided to take Bryce to the Children’s Museum of Cleveland. This has been on my list of things to do since it relocated and reopened while I was pregnant with Codi. When I knew I was going to have the day off, I planned to make it a date with Bryce and I’m so glad that I did!

Those who follow me on social media have seen my three year old Bryce Cameron in action (everyone reading this should most certainly be following me on instagram if not, do so NOW)!  Bryce has the biggest and best imagination ever! He literally changes costumes multiple times a day and he’s always creating something exciting in his head. You will often find him playing alone but talking to his toys. He’s hands down the funniest kid you will ever meet! It’s so refreshing to watch him play or to have the opportunity to play with him because he has so much FUN!

Anywho, back to the museum! For starters it’s easy to get to and has ample parking. The cost is also very reasonable, I paid $12 for Bryce and $12 for myself and we stayed about 3 hours. Let me also let you know in those three hours we did NOT get to all the exhibits. On the main floor we never explored Arts and Parts (crafts), or Meadow (which would be perfect for Codi) and we didn’t make it to Making Miniature’s on the top level of the Museum. We literally spent all of our time downstairs in Adventure City, the Theatre, and the Wonder Lab.

These are my top reasons why I loved the museum! It allowed Bryce an unlimited amount of opportunities to use his imagination! He was able to explore various rooms, learn, create, and wear costumes…  let me clarify, he was able to wear MULTIPLE costumes! He started as a doctor taking care of chickens, then he went to this office and had “people patients” as he called it. He made a few friends, checked their heart rate and mind. I couldn’t leave without my medicine. He then walked a few feet over and separated food at the farmers market, he cleaned his kitchen and made dinner in the oven. Once he was ready to move on, we made our way to Wonder Lab so he could pretend to be a scientist. He played with water, take that back he played IN water! literally soaked his sweater even with though the museum provides smocks. He loved this! We went from station to station pouring water and playing with balls. Off of this room, was a smaller area where he had a chance to play with foam pool noodles designing and constructing wall murals. We briefly popped in the Reading Nook but Bryce was in no mood to slow down and read.

His favorite part, the place that made him have a complete meltdown before it was time to leave… was the theatre! He changed costumes, performed on stage, and had a puppet show. He made new friends as he went from Director Bryce, to stagehand Bryce, to Batman Bryce all in the matter of minutes. I literally just sat in the audience and watched with the other parents.

The trip was worth all the excitement and joy in his face! I would go back a million times more. It’s not something that requires an entire day, just a few hours. I’m definitely going to consider doing a meet up with parents! As you can see in the pictures, I ran into not one but a few of my friends all who were having a great time. Soooo if you’re looking for something to try with your kids, and not looking to spend a lot of money, simply pack a lunch (there’s no cafeteria but there is a place to sit down and eat) and head to the Children’s Museum of Cleveland and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland

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  • Cass

    OMG, your son is adorable! I love your blog and although I do not live in Cleveland I enjoy how you go so hard for your city. Keep up the great work!

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