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A few weeks back, I made time to go on a much-needed GIRL’S TRIP and it was absolutely amazing. Life had been extremely busy and I needed a quick break and change of scenery that didn’t require a flight (the kind of trips I love). So, I partnered with Ohio. Find It Here. to find yet another place to visit in my great State of Ohio. With a two-hour drive from Cleveland, I grabbed my girls, loaded the car and headed to Dublin Ohio. 

To be honest, I had only seen Dublin on highway signs and had never heard much about it so I was excited to explore a new place. I find that the best trips happen in places I’ve never been- because I have no expectations and I just want to have fun. My girls agreed- and from the moment we arrived at the hotel for check-in, we instantly fell in love. 


Let me start by saying, I love when I can park my car, and then never have to use it until it’s time to return home. That was possibly the best part of this trip. Everything we did prior to checking out of the hotel was within walking distance in Downtown Dublin- and it just doesn’t get much better than that. 

It also doesn’t get better than staying at a new hotel. The AC Hotel Columbus Dublin was so fresh and so clean … you could smell the newness simply by entering the lobby. The first thing you see is the beauty of the AC Lounge bar, surrounded by couches and business areas to work- which I definitely took advantage of. I loved the modern designs with its European soul and Spanish roots. Not just in the lobby but in our spacious room as well. 

My absolute favorite part about where we stayed was the rooftop, but more of that when you continue reading. 


After we dropped our bags off, we were ready to explore Downtown Dublin. Hungry from our drive, we decided to grab lunch from North Market Bridge Park. Although it’s a new attraction, it has a long-standing history in Columbus. The 145-year-old public market is made up of Ohio’s best independent merchants, farms and makers.  It’s also a place you can eat, drink, shop and enjoy the best of what’s local, fresh and authentic. 

It’s truly a wonderful space and concept that allows you to shop small and to support local. It also highlights the diversity and vibrancy of the community. For lunch we had fresh Lobster Rolls, authentic Mexican and Soul Food all in one place. After meeting and talking to the owner of Pit BBQ Grille, not only did we find out he was from our hometown, but he also created the first black own toilet tissue company also sold in the market! You don’t even have to ask – not only did we eat well but we also shopped and purchased his toilet tissue. 

After we enjoyed a light lunch, we headed to Kilwin’s for Ice Cream. Being in there is like being a kid in a candy store. It’s the sweetest smelling store with so many options and no bad decisions. After lunch and dessert, and thanks to DORA (designated outdoor refreshment area) we strolled the streets of Downtown Dublin with cocktails.

We ended the night with dinner at our hotel in the VASO Rooftop Lounge. This was one of the highlights of my trips. Getting on a glass elevator and traveling to the 8th floor of our hotel to discover sophisticated cocktails and creative tapas – while taking in the views of the Scioto River from our Cabana. It was AH-MAZ-ING! We were able to relax, enjoy amazing drinks and conversation – all of the key factors in a successful girls trip and the best way to end our night. 


Like most moms do when away from their kids, we started Day 2 sleeping in. Once we were up and ready with only a few hours left on our overnight getaway, we walked to Brunch at Hen Quarter. 

This restaurant is a local favorite! Everyone told us we had to go here- and so we did. The restaurant offers a variety of menu items that focus on southern comfort food with a local twist. We wanted to order everything on the menu but decided to order chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, crab jars, salads, and course drinks! Mimosas to start, followed by any drink on the menu with espresso or coffee! It was hands down the best way to start our day. 

After brunch it was time to check out the hotel and site-see, before heading back to Cleveland. 


As I previously stated, I didn’t know what to expect from Dublin, so it took me by surprise that there was so much to see and so much to do. I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the woods and enjoying the scenery leading up to Dublin’s breathtaking waterfalls. It was the perfect time to just unwind and relax and enjoy the sounds and beauty of the waterfalls. It was so peaceful.

What took me even more by surprise was that Dublin was so full of history! One of our favorite things to do while in Dublin was the Public Art Tour. This is where they have impressive art pieces spread throughout the city that provide great photo opps. For me, it wasn’t so much the background for an amazing picture as it was the history of the actual art. We found ourselves constantly on google asking questions and having full blown conversations. 

For instance, Chief Leatherlips (behind me sitting in the grass) has a fascinating story but in summary he was a Native American leader who was known for never breaking a promise and met his end after signing a deal with white settlers. Then there was the Field of Corn, 109 human sized tall ears of corn that symbolizes the history of the community’s farming legacy and serves as a memorial to rural landscapes. Look both these stories up for more information, I promise you will enjoy them!


Those who know me, know I love wine! So no trip for me is complete without stopping at a Winery or in this case a Wine House. I have fallen in love with this place and could build another trip just around coming back to sit here and enjoy a glass of wine. It’s the cutest and coziest house, transformed into a contemporary wine bar and retail concept inspired by the blend of coastal California.

I wanted to just put it in my pocket and bring it back to Cleveland. Not only do they have indoor seating but outdoors as well, and a small menu to accompany your wine selections. It was the last stop on our Girl’s Trip to Dublin but hands down one of my favorite parts about the entire getaway. My new favorite place is Coast Wine House!

So if you’re ever looking for a place to go, that doesn’t require you driving all around town, whether it’s a getaway with your significant other or trip with friends – consider Dublin, Ohio – I promise it will not disappoint. For more information or to start planning your trip, visit:


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    Love Dublin, Ohio went on a bus tour for a St
    Patrick’s Day parade years ago. Had a tour of Dublin
    also that day. Glad your get away was fun.

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