Our Murder Mystery Train Ride Date!

I receive a lot of comments/DM’s after most post, but I’m pretty sure after posting my picture on the Murder Mystery Train Ride I received the most inquiries! I’m super excited to share this experience because I’ve wanted to attend a murder mystery dinner for soooo long! I use to always see them on Groupon but never purchased, but it’s always been on my list of things to do. I literally just sent my parents to one not even 3 weeks ago with their couples group at a local restaurant and they had a ball. So knowing I would be going a month out, my expectations and anticipation were both high!

So let me say, I had been on this train in the past for the Polar Express.  This happens in the winter and it’s a ride for families to enjoy cookies and hot cocoa in their pajamas to the North Pole! PARENTS this is a must do experience that every child should have! It’s such a fun time but it definitely sells out quickly. Anywho, I reached out to them to possibly partner with the blog but they were SOLD OUT! We stayed in contact and they invited me back for one of three events. I could choose from a Beer Tasting, a Wine Tasting or….  the Murder Mystery. Without hesitation I went with the obvious! I thought it would be so cool to experience this on a train and I have no regrets!

I confirmed the date and told my husband we were going. He was skeptical but open. I tried to invite a couple to attend with us but that didn’t work out. Sometime’s it’s easier to try new things as as a group so I thought we would at least try. See, my husband never knows what’s going to happen most times but… he knows I typically plan something fun, and we have a good time together no matter what. He has fully embraced my push to try new things and I love it!

I found out that each Murder Mystery had a theme, this one was A Feud in Ragtime (think 1910’s Mary Poppins) so of course I decided to dress up and Bryon did not. I didn’t even put pressure on him, as I knew the train would be mixed of people doing both. I grabbed my shirt from AMAZON, and purchased my skirt at one my favorite local stores Avalon on Coventry.

For starters, the GPS was a little off, so we didn’t end up where we needed to be. So be mindful NOT to go to Lockkeepers parking lot, but to go over the bridge. The instructions asked guests to arrive 30 minutes early but.. we (as always) were a little late. The train was taking off at 7:30 so we just needed to be there before that and we arrived at 7:24. I had Bryon drop me to the front of the Rockside Station while he parked and I picked up out tickets from Will Call. My husband immediately started laughing because of all the people outside, I was literally the only one in costume. No worries, I made him snap a few pictures in front of the train and politely asked the train drivers if I was the only person dressed up, (LOL) I was assured I was not and we boarded our car. It was at this moment that we also learned there were two murders mystery events going on at the same time, and that of all the cars,  had something else going on. Not sure what but there were other riders not participating in either Murder Mystery.

We board and the first car is concession stand. The line is long and we battle stopping for drinks at the moment or going to our seats. I didn’t want us to separate just yet so we get seated and plan to come back. After all, I knew the train would be taking off shortly. We were seated in the second car so we had to pass through 3 cars. As we walk back, my anxiety immediately kicks in. For those who don’t know, I have an issue being in closed spaces. I am not a fan of flying, I don’t take elevators and I don’t like being anywhere I can’t get out. I usually do very will with glass, like windows so I take a deep breath and proceed. We arrive in our car and it’s practically full. Unlike the ones we passed which were all seats, this one had tables. We were seated and ending up at a table alone because I had held two tickets for guests.

As soon as you board, you notice that some tables have props and papers. If there was one in your seat you were told you would be a suspect. Whoop Whoop… guess who was randomly a suspect… ME!  I received a paper about who I was and two clues that I would have to share later. I was also given a cool hat to wear for my character. There were 15 people selected to be suspects. Everyone on the train is given a sheet with an overview of the setting where the murder takes place, rules of play and all the suspects names. The train ride is two hours, and you are engaged in the activity the entire time. I really don’t want to share allll the details but I will say the train ride is interactive, the actors are funny and the killer doesn’t know they are the killer until the very end. You  will hear clues, have an opportunity to ask questions, take notes and at the end you decide who you think the killer is. We guessed correctly and received a nice certificate:)

I introduced myself to the actors at the end of the event, and met the director of the company who travels doing the murder mystery parties. They travel throughout the US and Canada, tailoring for groups of 10-500, both teenagers and adults for any occasion. They have a list of themes you can choose from ranging from The Old West and Chicago Gangsters,  all the way to Poisonous Gardens and Outer Space Sci-Fi.

This was a lot of fun! The prices for the tickets are Coach Murder Ticket $50 (Seating in a coach car with two seats, facing two seats. Ticket includes 2 hour train ride, appetizers, and murder mystery program.)  and the Deluxe Murder Ticket $65 (Seating in a table car. Tickets are four-top dining tables with chairs. Ticket includes 2 hour train ride, three courses of appetizers served family-style, and and murder mystery program.) When you arrive to your table each guest has a bottle water and there was an antipasto tray with hummus, meats, cheese, olives and carrots. When our meal arrived, it was a bowl of tortellini pasta salad and multiple italian sandwiches. We honestly didn’t each much of the food, I was on a diet (no carbs) and Bryon no longer eats meat so he had a few bites of the pasta. As an FYI they also don’t accommodate any special requests for food, so whatever is on the menu is what you get. I will say there are restaurants in the area if you want to grab dinner before or after the ride. We also purchased red wine ($5) and this amazing Orange Lemonade Beer ($5) in a can that taste like a mimosa! If you go on the train for anything be sure to give that a try.

I honestly want to go back! I found out they have sooo many cool events besides the murder mystery, wine tastings and the beer tastings. They host Trivia Nights, Sip and Paints, Bingo, Friday Night Parties… the list goes on! I was amazed that I didn’t know about all of this. I’d love to back with a group of friends. I think that will really enhance any experience that you choose to do on the train. We still had fun meeting new people even though we sat alone, I just think knowing people and their personalities will make it a much more enjoyable experience and husband agreed. So while this is great for a date night, I think it’s also good for double dates and small groups. Tickets here would also be a great gift! The older I get the more I’m about sharing experiences over things.

So if you’re looking for a new way to experience Cleveland, I suggest you attend an event on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad  and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland Stayed tuned! I’ll also be planning a private event on the train very soon!!!!!!!!!

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  • Kate

    Oh, this looks & sounds like SO much fun. Weirdly, I’ve lived in this area my whole life & have NEVER been on the train!

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