Shaker’s New and Unique Beauty Bar (Literally)

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a very intimate, and private gathering at a new local spa. I had previously been told how amazing this place was from a former colleague, who frequented the downtown location, but I never made it there to see. Then one day while in a meeting at Market Hall in the Van Aken District, I was told that a new location would be opening up right across the street. I was immediately super excited! This was close to home and perfect for the area, the countdown for me was on until the doors opened!

I was introduced to the beautiful and kind owner Jamie, following another meeting at Market Hall. I walked out after finishing my coffee and could see from across the street I was going to love this place– the sun was out, the garage was up and the bar was front and center. I asked if I could host a private party and we started planning!

There were a few things I loved about the place immediately (before having my service)- that I knew my guests would appreciate.

  1. The ambiance was swanky and sexy yet chill.
  2. The music was fun and upbeat (like seriously would put anyone in a great mood)
  3. The space was open, well lit and clean.
  4. It was far from your typical nail shop… it offered a bar and hand crafted drinks!  You honestly can’t experience this anywhere else!

On the day of my Courtney Covers Cleveland private party, the weather was a little gloomy and it was drizzling. It didn’t put a damper on me… because lucky for us, the garage was open, so you could still see the views of the Van Aken District and you couldn’t get wet inside. All my guests came in and joined me right at the bar. With any private party, you are able to have a signature drink, “The Courtney” which is what I had all night, was Tito’s Vodka, blueberry lemonade (and something else- just ask for The Courtney). It was very good, looked super cute (yes drinks can be cute look at the picture above) and reasonably priced!

I booked the party on a Thursday at 6pm. I invited people to come at 5:30 to enjoy the space before our services began. When it was 6pm, half of us stayed at the bar and the other half started being serviced by their amazing staff. I don’t say that lightly either. The entire team was above and beyond friendly, welcoming, and more than accommodating to make sure everyone was taken care the entire time. I mean if my cup drink was low during my pedicure they were asking the bar to refill it. If the water was getting remotely cold, it was being replaced. The service was great!

All of my guests enjoyed the Luxury Pedicure and a few enjoyed manicures as well. Another thing that I LOVED was that the pedicures come customized. What does this mean? well… It means you are literally choosing the fragrance of your foot scrub, hydrating lotion and essential oil. I picked lavender and as soon as I was seated I was surrounded by the scent and relaxed. The smell was so amazing and refreshing I just sat back, closed my eyes and was ready to enjoy the rest of the experience. Once you’ve selected your scents, you can select the drink you want while you are seated AND… whether or not you want to experience your pedicure in silence! Yes that’s right, you can tell them you want to enjoy your pedicure without talking during your service.

The space is just beautiful. It’s modern, it’s intimate and the service is spectacular. I’d recommend it for any private event for ladies (birthday, bachelorette, ladies night etc.) or if you need to get your nails/ feet done in a cute space- it’s perfect! don’t forget the option to enjoy a handcrafted cocktail at the same time. Really, if you just want to meet a friend for a drink- in a super cute space– you can come here too! There’s so many reasons to stop by and check it out! Husbands looking to buy giftcards this is a great option! Not to mention there’s ample parking in the area, and so much more to do!  You can shop at the stores, you can eat at the restaurant or Market Hall… you can workout at the gym or you can enjoy ice cream 🙂 Let me also add you have the option of bringing food in (which I did not do) but it s great option!

I encourage you to visit Manifest in the Van Aken District and tell them you read about them on Courtney Covers Cleveland!



*This article is sponsored through a relationship that Courtney Covers Cleveland has with the Van Aken District. I received my services free of charge, however the thoughts and opinions above are honest and my own. 



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