I had been dying to get here since the opening, and #CourtneyCoversCleveland finally made it!

You guys know I LOVE and LIVE for a dope coffee shop! I also love it a littleeeeeee more when it has food and I can literally sit and work for hours. Not only did this place allow me to do that, but the music is great AND I can transition from coffee to cocktails!! Choose from breakfast or lunch – and on the weekends take advantage of the late night menu!

Now of course I’m from Shaker and love all of my fellow Raiders so I thoroughly enjoyed supporting Machine Gun Kelly while here. It’s also right in the heart of the flats so you have a nice view whether your inside or out!

OH—- Have you ever had charcoal in your latte?

I have!! I ordered the Diablo Latte (pictured when you swipe) which had activated charcoal with a purple açaí sugar rim. I also enjoyed a Crispy Chicken Wrap and Turmeric Latte.  So if you’re looking for a cool place to hang out- working or not working, meeting or not meeting- and want to grab a coffee or a cocktail- check out 27 Club Coffee and follow them on Instagram @27clubcoffee ! Tell them Courtney Covers Cleveland sent you.

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