A TRIPLE THREAT COFFEE SHOP: Drink, Eat & Grocery Shop!

You guys already know I loveeee my visits to local coffee shops. The last one I shared  (SUPPORTING SHAKER’S OWN MGK – FROM COFFEE TO COCKTAILS!) you could drink, work and eat all day. This week I’m sharing a place I can do all of that plus… shop for every day grocery items.

So I pass this little nugget all the time but never actually stop to go in. I visit the Van Aken District often so it was time for me to finally pay a visit- and I’m so glad I did! I came here to work and have a meeting, but also enjoyed avocado toast for breakfast and check this out… my new favorite Espresso Drink. It’s called the “Herbal Recovery” and it’s house espresso with Almond Milk and spiked with lavender and elderberry syrups and rhubarb bitters.

They have an all day menu with both breakfast and lunch items, smoothies and a market! And not just any market but fresh, all natural, locally sourced grocery items. It’s a convenient store but HEALTHY- and that’s not always easy to find! It’s totally designed for quick and easy shopping and before I left, that’s exactly what I did.

So if you’re ever in Shaker, or simply looking to try something new head over to @naturesoasis_vanakenand tell them #CourtneyCoversCleveland sent you!

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