The Best Kept Secret In Cleveland Heights!

Let me start by saying this place is sooooo amazing, that I know once I share everyone is going to go! It’s not only the best kept secret in Cleveland Heights, but easily the best speakeasy in Cleveland! If you have other places you think compare after reading this article please email me and I will go visit.

I have honestly been wanting to try this place since I began my blog over a year ago. I love speakeasy’s because they are off the beaten path, only known by a select few people, and have the best vibes. They are all lowkey, intimate, somewhat dark or dim and have the best drinks! So of course, this place is all of these things. I’m going to try to write this without sharing ALL the details because it’s worth going and experiencing yourself.

So last week was crazy busy, after a death in the family and a busy work week… I was overly in need of a break. I came early from work and told my husband let’s grab a drink. We literally had one hour before we had to pick up the kids, so we agreed to keep it within a ten-minute radius. I went to my list of places to visit on the east side and it hit me that this was the perfect time to try this speakeasy. See I have a list of places to visit with my husband and this was at the top, but because we are usually eating on dates this kept getting pushed down. Not just because it doesn’t serve meals but also because for a long period of time I was also pregnant.

Any who, we arrive and I see the building which is actually not a building but a house. It’s not even just a house it’s a barbershop in a house, with a spa next door. There’s a sign on the spa that reads parking in the back. We pull back and there aren’t a lot of spaces and aren’t many cars so I’m thinking great, this is going to be perfect quiet place for us to relax. We park and head to the front door. There’s a little podium with a sign giving you specific instructions on how to get inside. This was my first point of excitement! Besides the fact it was disguised in a house, and a barbershop the instructions on how to get in made me feel like we are doing something super exclusive. Not only that but you couldn’t just WALK in! You had to do as told and wait to be given access. I loved this!

Once inside you are literally in the middle of a real barbershop! Like barbers have clients in their chairs, there’s people in the waiting room and a hostess at the front desk. If it’s your first time, you will end up like us standing in the middle of the room looking like what’s next LOL but no worries, simply say where you’re going and ask for directions. Someone will tell you to follow the stairs up. That’s exactly what we did, but at the top of the staircase was a bookcase. We looked at each other like is this a joke, there’s nowhere else to go. Then… someone came out of nowhere and showed us the trick! I won’t tell you the trick, you will have to visit to see, but once you do this the bookcase opens and wahlaaaa… hello speakeasy!

I immediately say to my husband OMG this is soo cool! I know from looking at the grin on his face he is going to tell all his friends and he’s going to probably come back all the time without me. I’m fine with that because he will always say, my wife got me hip! I could see myself coming back with a girlfriend or on a small couples date. It’s definitely not the place to bring a large group of people. It’s a very small space and on the right day, fills up fast. Keep in mind you have to get access to come in, so if you arrive and can’t be accommodated because of space, you will not get in anyway.

So you walk in and there’s a small bar to the right, there’s additional seating to the left, there’s one two table tops, one that seats like 4 and one that seats 2, a few coffee tables with chairs and lounge couches. The room is dim and there’s a TV on the wall playing a black and white movie. The music is of the prohibition era and the whole place mentally puts you a different time period, I’m immediately relaxed and ready to enjoy a drink.

We grab a drink menu and have a seat. Literally everything we read sounds good and is fairly reasonable at $12 a drink. I won’t share all the details of the drinks, but we decide on the Kentucky Buck which is made with a bourbon and the New York Sour which is made with a Rye Whiskey. They were phenomenal! So much so we ordered the Kentucky Buck again, and also tried the Old Fashion which I feel like is a staple at speakeasy’s. The one here was so strong I just handed it right to my husband. It was good but I was going to pump milk in a few hours and didn’t want to have that in my system. They did offer a few light snacks, like hummus and cheese but we didn’t get anything. We strictly came for the drinks!

We had a great time and probably stayed an hour and a half max. In that time there maybe have been a total of three others that came in while where we there, two of which had gotten haircuts first and then came up to use their discount (I guess you get a discount on a drink if you get a cut and show your receipt). There’s a standard happy hour of %15 percent off during 4 and 7 so we received that discount and ended up spending $50 for 4 drinks, and the tip. Not bad at all for the amazingly delicious drinks and experience. I will come back time and time again.

When asking my husband he said ” it was cool and different, very chill and laid back. It would be the perfect place to have a private business meeting or catch up with a friend over a drink”

So if you’re looking to try something new I suggest you head to The Speakeasy at Quintana’s Barber & Dream Spa and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss!

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