WHY I LOVE My WOW! Internet

If there’s one thing I love… it’s my super-fast WOW! internet 100!

The more I work from home, the more I really love and appreciate the speed and reliability of my WOW! internet. Whether I’m sending emails, creating a presentation, or sitting on yet another Zoom call – I’m not limited to my office space, I can literally work anywhere in my house and still have a great connection. What’s even crazier is that I can be on my computer, my husband on his, both toddlers on ipads, and our teenagers on game systems – and everyone has a super-fast connection! 

Did I mention it’s only $29.99 a month and no contracts? Honestly, that’s a great price and I don’t think you can beat that. Not to mention there are no contracts, which means you can sign up today and cancel when you want with no fee! More importantly, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like it, which I doubt will happen, you can get your money back. 

WOW! Internet is super-fast internet for everything you love and need – shopping, browsing, streaming – at an unbelievable low price for a limited time. For me, WOW! Internet allows our home to be more than just a home. It’s my home office, school for my kids and a movie theater for our entire family! 

Need more convincing that having the ability to work fast and play fast with WOW! Internet’s $29.99 deal is fantastic? Didn’t think so… click the link and check what’s available in your market http://bit.ly/CourtneyWOW 


*This article is a paid partnership between Courtney Covers Cleveland and WOW! Internet, however the thoughts are my own. 

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