I can’t believe this place is REAL… and REALLY in OHIO!

There’s no secret I found a new favorite place- I mean I’ve literally gone 3 times in 1 week. If that’s not love what is… especially considering it’s an hour away from Cleveland! See, when I first heard about this place, I said there’s no way there’s a resort in Ohio that #CourtneyCoversCleveland doesn’t know about and once I saw the pictures online I told myself there was no way it was real.

In disbelief, I literally called and went for a tour two days later. I brought my best friend Allie, my sister Camille and my mom and after our full Resort tour by Susie (who is simply amazing) we sat and had lunch in the Atrium talking about how amazing this place was and how we couldn’t believe none of us knew about it! I took one picture and you guys went crazy in my DM’s- then I left.

I literally loved it soooo much that I booked a room and came back the very next day as a surprise Valentine’s Day getaway with my husband. This time I posted a few more pictures, like the Cigar Lounge and Wine Cellar, which intrigued you guys a little more. I wanted to enjoy Valentine’s Day with my husband so I didn’t want to take too many pictures or post too much on social… so I decided I needed to come back one more time just for my followers to experience everything.. and that’s just what I did.

On my third trip to the Resort I had an amazing time just like each time before while also having new experiences! I brought husband (again) and for 24 hours, showed you guys everything from the point of arrival to the point of check out on my Instagram stories. For those who missed it I’m sharing everything I love about this place below.

First let me say, I love this place because it’s only an hour from home. The first time I came just for the tour and lunch then went back home. The times after… and more than likely every time forward, I did and will stay the night. That’s honestly because there’s so much to do, and I usually enjoy the alcoholic drinks and  cigar bar so it’s best to sleep those both off. Besides that, it’s a RESORT! And an absolute beautiful and relaxing one at that so when I go, I want to just relax and enjoy.  To no surprise after visiting, this place has just undergone a $30 million dollar renovation and is recognized as one of the finest resorts in the country!



As I mentioned, the first time I came just for lunch with my girls- but we immediately agreed this place would be great for a Girl’s Trip or Spa Day. It’s also a great option for any special occasion, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries- you name it! If not that, it’s great to come back with the entire family for a weekend getaway. There’s something literally for everyone! So much to do whether you are celebrating or getting away to relax. Let me add it’s a great venue for a wedding, business meeting, retreat or conference! The options are endless.

The Rooms

So the first time I stayed over night I picked the Romance Package and stayed in a Luxury King Suite. We arrived to rose petals on the bed with a cute origami swan and a customized welcome note, a bottle of Champagne and chocolates. The second time we stayed in a Luxury King Spa Room- which had a Veranda and a marble bathroom with a double shower and built in seat. Both times, the rooms were great but the beds… oh the beds were exceptional! I later found out this place is an exclusive retailer of this deluxe mattress known as the Bed in a Box. I never wanted to get out of bed LOL!

FYI- for large gatherings or if you’re interested in hosting friends for the weekend they have beautiful Executive and Presidential Suites!

The Pools and Roman Bath

Brace yourself… the pools are OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND! Yep that’s right, not just in the summer but in the winter too. The Resort has a 25 meter indoor Olympic pool and outdoor Roman Bath. I had to try this… yes in the winter… I put on a swimsuit and took a dip in the 97 degree Roman Bath with my husband (lol look at his poor little face in the pool). I enjoyed every second of the experience- especially the plush robes they give you to stay warm. If anything makes you feel away from home in the winter, it’s being in an outdoor pool in January. This is probably one of the reasons I am most looking forward to coming back in the summer. There are Cabana’s and outdoor bars! It literally looks like Vegas, but it’s closer to home. At night they have different color lights and I’m told they bring in a DJ. Oh…  and this summer they are adding a nightclub!


The food is amazing! Literally, every single thing that we ordered on every trip, was DELICIOUS! Our favorite thing on the menu has to be the Shrimp Scampi with extra bread. No exaggeration, we literally order at least 5 each trip. Sometimes back to back while sitting at the Garden Bar or as appetizers before dinner. We always have breakfast in then Atrium, and if you do that you MUST try the espresso flight (which you can get spiked). We’ve also enjoyed lunch there, and that menu is phenomenal from the Salads to the Nachos, to the Pizzas, and Reubens… we might have tried it all and were never disappointed.

This is a good time to mention we also had dinner in Gatsby’s both times. Gatsby’s features classic American style fine dining with prime grade steaks, seafood & chops- all of which we had to order and taste! We always left full and satisfied, not just from the food but from the bottles of wine as well.  Thanks to Alex, he always recommended the best bottles for us to try, and every time we purchased them. His expertise further enhanced our dinner experience. So take advantage of the service, ask questions and browse the wine list- it’s intense but it has the best wine options!


So there’s a Garden Bar which we loved and a Lobby Bar we also enjoyed a few times. What I noticed is that I loved the brightness, location and beauty of the Garden Bar so we spent the most time there. I also felt like the bartenders Bridget and Nette were my friends. They were great and made the best drinks and suggestions. They literally never let us down, we met on our first trip, then they were two of the first people we looked for when we returned. The customer service we experienced throughout the entire resort is above and beyond what’s required. Everyone everywhere was so friendly and made us feel soooo welcomed. It definitely made the stay that much better.


On our first trip, which happened to be a Sunday the Wine Cellar was closed- why? because it’s always closed on Sunday. That’s why when we returned, we went on a Friday. This was a must try! For those who follow me, you know how much I (we) love wine! This cellar is exceptional and has hundreds of varieties of the best wines from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!! Not just that but they have an On- Tap system with 24 varieties of wine. As if the atmosphere wasn’t already super sexy- both at the bar and the lounge,  overlook the Roman bath.  On a Friday night it was definitely the place to be. We enjoyed tasting after tasting in the cutest long stem glasses. The cool thing is, you can purchase a bottle or a case! Of course, we had to ask Alex what we should try and he didn’t steer us wrong.


So if there’s one reason I knew my husband would love this place, (and all the men in my family) it’s because of the Cigar Lounge. Cigar’s are his thing… and together our thing as I only smoke them with him. To me, this is the perfect place for men to relax, watch the game on one of the many TV’s while they enjoy a cigar from among the best brands from around the world. What I love most is that it’s not smoky like most cigar bars and that it’s open 24 hours! That’s right, snuggle in front of the fireplace with a drink from the Garden Bar and enjoy a cigar until you’re ready to call it a night. It’s how we ended every night and it was perfect!

Experience Not One But Six Properties

Although I only focused on the Resort we enjoyed, it’s important to know when you come here, you have access to all 6 properties under this umbrella. You can enjoy all of the services and take a shuttle back and forth. That’s 26 Restaurants, 21 Bars, 4 Golf Courses, 6 pools, 21 Indoor and Outdoor Courts, 3 Fitness Centers and multiple options for meetings and special events.


What I’m looking forward to next time….

The Spa- I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the SPA on either of my visits but I did get a chance to tour and let me tell you.. it’s heavenly and HUGE! I mean from  the moment you walk down the hallway staring at the clouds to the moment you step foot in the door and smell the eucalyptus and lavender- you are relaxed and the tranquility takeover. The offer a full complement of therapeutic and rejuvenating facial and body care treatments as well as a complete array of beauty services. I can’t wait to go back and experience it first hand!

Bringing my Kids- There’s a recreation center designed for all ages with outdoor basketball, pickleball, volleyball, shuffleboards and bocce courts. Indoors activities include ping pong, table shuffleboard, FREE racing and arcade games, plus tennis and racquetball. They also have a lounge area with TV’s for the kids to enjoy. Not to mention the indoor and outdoor pools for the kids- and separate areas for adults!

The Golf Course- I’m saving the best for last and for those who know golf and who know this resort know this is a golfers paradise. Some might say it’s possibly disrespectful that I didn’t put this at the top. In fairness I went during the winter so I didn’t actually get to get a lesson or enjoy the golf course. I did however learn that four unbelievable courses from the impeccable Pete Dye are right here on the resort and that there are three other championship courses that offer unique levels of play at the other properties. Another thing I didn’t get to try was the Indoor Simulators which are open year round and all you to play on the finest courses in the world while having your swings analyzed through advanced swing analysis systems and high speed cameras.

So now that Courtney has COVERED it ALL… I’ll spill the bean’s and let you know that you HAVE TO VISIT… THE GRAND RESORT SPA AND SALON in Warren Ohio. It’s Ohio’s best kept secret… but hopefully not for too long! When you go make sure you tell them #CourtneyCoversCleveland sent you.

Special thanks to Mike Case for hosting #CourtneyCoversCleveland I already can’t wait to come back!!!

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