You Won’t Believe Where I Purchased This Smoothie!

As many parents can relate, Saturdays are usually very busy for my family! With 2 boys both playing AAU basketball, we dedicate our weekends to spending most our time in the gym. This means leaving our house early in the morning and returning back home late at night. It also means, if I don’t pack snacks for everyone, a lot of runs in between games for meals and a lot of money spent at the concession stands.

This weekend I found a life saver for literally my entire family (and I mean everyone from my husband to my 2 year old)! While in between games, I needed to stop to get gas. At that moment, my son Pauly was complaining that he was hungry but understood we didn’t have time to stop and have a sit down meal. I tried to convince him to wait until after the next game and in the meantime, we could grab a few snacks to hold us over. I wasn’t expecting what came next!

I walked in to pay for gas, grabbed a few nuts, a few bags of popcorn and two bottles of water and was ready to check out. As I walked to the register I noticed a sign that read “Our new smoothies get their incredible flavors from 100% real fruit” This caught my eye, and Pauly’s. He immediately asked for a smoothie, stating it would be a great option before his game. I was hesitant but decided to walk over to read more. The sign went on to read “NO added sugar, NO fake flavors of preservatives starting at $2.99” From reading the sign I was sold! Not only was the price right, but from the picture there were a few great options.

There was no one at the desk so I asked for help at one of the registers. I was then directed to a self service machine, I could easily select one of 6 flavors, then there were options for add-on’s like protein, whip cream and toppings. I was most fascinated by the option for whey protein! This meant if need be, I could add it to my smoothie and it would also serve as a meal replacement. This would also be great for the boys who needed something healthy but also wanted to be full.

Within 5 minutes, we ordered from the kiosk, paid at the register and received our smoothies. I went with the Superberry (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry) and Pauly went with the Peach Strawberry (peach, pear, apricot and strawberry). Both were very good and so refreshing. I was so surprised! I wasn’t expecting to get a healthy snack while getting gas. I literally thought – this is so much more than a gas station! Even after ordering, I didn’t know that I would enjoy it so much and end up coming back to order another for my husband.

For those who follow me on social media, you know that I’ve recently struggled in my pregnancy with gestational diabetes. So I’ve really had to change my diet and make sure I’m eating and living a healthier life from now until delivery. I was very pleased to find out that I after asking for the nutritional value of the smoothies, I could still drink this smoothie. Knowing that fruit has a lot of natural sugars, I decided to to drink just half to reduce my total carbohydrate intake. That worked, by the time I took my blood sugar test, my numbers were still within the proper range.

I’ll be honest, I’d comeback in a heartbeat for one of these smoothies! Yes I like to make smoothies at home but this is the perfect alternative when you’re limited on time and looking to grab something heathy and go! I know my husband and kids will ask every time we pass by. Not only is there a location conveniently located close to our home (Mayfield/Belvoir intersection), but it ordering was so quick, easy and cost effective! I’m use to spending about $8/$9 on a healthy smoothie if I’m out, so I like to think of this discovery as a rare find. Oh and there were no long crazy lines! Even if there were, I learned that you could also download the Giant Eagle App and do a mobile order. It doesn’t get much better than that! OH and did I mention you can scan your giant eagle card for points during your purchase?

If I haven’t already given it away, my surprisingly amazing healthy and cheap smoothie came from GetGo! I encourage you to find your closes location and give one of the 6 new smoothies a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!




*Although this is a sponsored article, this is my honest perspective on the GetGo smoothie

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