I Finally Made It To Happy Hour… Patio Included!

Yesterday I did something I very rarely get the chance to do, I met up with an old friend/coworker and went to Happy Hour! It was sooo last minute, we were both at work texting around 4pm and thought today would be a good day to catch up. I was coming from downtown and she was coming from Berea heading to Solon so we agreed to settle for a place…

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One Gym, One Workout, One Machine!

A week ago, I was invited to try a new gym. Interestingly enough, by the time I received the invitation and spoke to my husband, he had already inquired about…

Father’s Day: From the Porch…. (Part 1)

So this past weekend, we (like the rest of the world) celebrated Father’s Day! On Saturday I planned a day of hanging out with my husband Bryon. We like LOVEEE…

ESPN x CLE = Cold Pressed Drinks Daily!

So I’ve personally been juicing and making healthy smoothie’s on my Ninja at home for the past few years. Although very practical it wasn’t always realistic on busy mornings. My…

$3 Mimosas & Birthday Brunch for 40!

So last week was my moms 60th birthday, if you read my last article (which I’m hoping you did) you know about our awesome Last Minute Dinner Party for 24…

A Wine Tasting for the Birthday Girl!

So here’s a little fact about Courtney… I LOVE wine! Not only do I love wine but I love wineries. I use to complain because you have to go so…

Heaven in (Greater) CLE!

Well my birthday weekend was amazing from start to finish! It began with my husband joining me in taking the day off and telling me to “dress comfortable and just…

A Trip to Brazil in CLE

You will soon learn that I am a HUGE advocate for consistent Date Nights! For that reason, every other week we venture out with our cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd to…

A Family Favorite!

So I thought while I explore the many places I’m going to for my first time in Cleveland, I’d also share some of my favorite places of all time! This…


Head over to #courtneycoverscleveland ((LINK IN MY BIO)) to read about the amazingly healthy “No sugar added, no fake flavors or preservatives smoothie starting at $2.99” I tried and loved this weekend! A great option when you’re on the GO!  #thisisCLE #cleveland #clevelandohio #cle #CLEblogger #blogger #blackgirlswhoblog #healthyoptions #healthysmoothies #getgo #sponsored
  • Good morning from last night... just thinking of all the things I need to get done... that are just NOT going to happen!! Anyone else doing that today?!? I’m going to take these last 6 weeks easy and enjoy being pregnant for the very last time lol... a little basketball, resting and writing for  #courtneycoverscleveland #34weekspregnant #slowingdown #restingandrelaxing
  • Thank you ladies of @omega_aka1908  for having me as your guest speaker this evening! It was a pleasure discussing my role as Communications Director for @global.cleveland and also the work of our organization.
  • So a friend ask me why do I still mail things... and I was like idk I like to mail things! I mean I actually check my mailbox often and like to receive and send things like... Christmas cards, thank you cards and invitations. I get invitations via text  all the time and that’s totally fine, I’ve sent kids birthday invites electronically- but some things I like to mail. What are your thoughts? Am I wasting my money lol? 🤔 #mail
  • What a week! at #33weekspregnant we found out I have #gestationaldiabetes which totally stressed me out (and will until I see my endocrinologist) THEN... we got extremely sick the last few days and ended up in the ER with flu like symptoms. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns #courtneyandcodi are home and resting 💗 this is the #finalstretch but I’ve never been this sick before! #babygirl is just kicking my butt- I’m soooo ready for her to get here! #pregnant #pregnancy #8monthspregnant
  • Happy Tuesday from #CourtneyandCodi I’m back to work feeling refreshed after taking a sick day to simply rest and relax yesterday. It was much needed so major  thanks to my husband @crewcamp_bo for taking care of the kids and cooking dinner ❤️ #8monthspregnant #32weekspregnant #workingmom #thirdtrimester #courtneycoverscleveland is looking for some local places to visit, or services/products to try  to get me through this last month! Feel free to share some below... #cleblogger

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